Cae Gwyn, Anglesey

Approximate Value: £75,000

Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru (Cyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru gynt) / National Resources Wales (previously known as Countryside Commission for Wales)

Contract Period: 6 wythnos / weeks


G H James Cyf is an approved contractor for NRW. The work consisted of installing land drainage and land formation to assist the natural drainage in re-profiled land using material excavated from the reclamation of wetland fen.


Enghreifftiau eraill / Other examples include:


Lôn Las, Tregarth - Before Completion                           Lôn Las, Tregarth - After completion


Lôn Eifion, Bontnewydd - Drainage - Before Completion          Lôn Eifion, Bontnewydd - After Completion

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